I wish to meet you,

I want to meet the one beyond identity, ideas and perceptions.

If you truly want this meeting, come sincere, empty and full of transparency,

Offer yourself to unknowable life.

Truth appears when there is no veil between self and one.

Stateless flow, simply awareness, before all meetings, creations, intelligence.

Natural state of being, just a presence.

I wish to meet you

In holiness of your heart.

To know what truth is, we have no other choice but to accept this vulnerable skin, it’s fragility and feelings of fears, doubt and inferiority in front of the power of creation. This is the opening to meet the depth of suffering and pain, the glory and beauty of life, to bleed and shed until nothing is left but an Illuminated Heart.

Serena’s heart pilgrimage shaped through powerful waves of grace and passion of God. Her bare truth walking phase began in 2008 and flowered in 2017 when she completely surrendered herself to life as it is, acceptance of all.

Her poetry and art are infused by passion for divine beauty and joy of living in present.

If you wish to invite Serena for Satsang, please use the contact form to get in touch.





In an unwritten book, childhood seems like a promise. A happy song, a place to feel safe, free and joyful. Piping down the empty road, shadows laughed on a ground of earth. While when I look up I see a child jumping over the clouds.  This is known as the Milky Way to the faraway…

Gaia & Humanity

There is a deep dwelling in human form to be met, felt and expressed. A long journey within to the perfection of life, unfolding, receiving and becoming whole. The humanness of our existence is a door way into greatness of creation between form and spirit. Every thought, movement, vision and action comes together in shaping…

Fire Dance, Unity of Masculine and Feminine

I  am your fire, hidden and trapped between walls of denial and avoidance. I am the broken screams of years of slavery and pain of rejection and mistrust. I am the parts of you, disfigured and cut in pieces with cruelty and rage. I am the ache in your human bones, the terror of never…


Grace works in mysterious ways. In the heart of forest, there is always a hidden footpath, a pond and perhaps a gentle deer eating tree’s leaves. Walking with Spirit feels like a trance, flowers smell stronger, sky vibrates with more blues and pinks over rainbow of light, music of life becomes mystical and slow. Heart…

Life & Intimacy

Usually life lessons come unexpected, all of the sudden you stumble and fall on a new landscape of discovery. Most of us, humans, mistaken loving with relationship. Loving rise from a neutral place of acceptance, allowing, openness and it develops into an adventure of self- realization. In loving, you rooted in what lives in you…


The sense of familiar is a short ride on a local bus, where we know the stop we need to jump on and take off. Familiar is close, affordable and manageable. There is no risk in taking a bus daily to visit whatever we required about our known needs and desires. The moment, the journey…


Blog reading

Fall into your heart!

What do you feel? What song is playing in your heart? What do you want? What do you need? Where the breath comes from? What is there, inside the emptiness calling you to delve deeper? What is aching, what is thriving, what asks you for integrity? What wants to surface? To speak, to share, to…

The braves

life is your inheritance A fragile fracture of a sacred movement Between dust and magic. The thorny road, the narrow path, The barefoot sage, Is humming of your soul, Falling in love with not knowing Where Now stands. Remember,  when ache breaks your chest And tears blur your vision, The soft scent of love Always…

Into the Storm

Nature follows a mysterious rhythm. For years science have been trying to grasp, analysis, explain and rationalize its simple and yet phenomenon movements. Nature, for herself is understood, embraced and surrendered, her language, interconnectivity, cycles, creation and change, all in perfect harmony, all transformational dance of One. The innocence is the truth of life flow,…


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