I stay with you until you fall asleep.
I wait,
watch your eye close,
like petals,
watch your lips,
soft and inviting,
slide over your teeth.

I put my hand on your chest,
letting the spasm of love
that was consuming me
pour through your chest
into temple of your heart.

I hold my face
in palm of your hand
whispers low and close
from depth of my soul.

I wait,
till you rolled onto your back,
your long hair falling across your shoulders
then I put my hand and touch its softness.

Then I wait, till you fall sleep, to steal a kiss,
a tender kiss, a kiss undressed from everything except my love….
Sweet dreams, my beloved
I never leave.

“© Serena Devi, Sept 2008, San francisco”


  1. Your gift bestowed upon I as through your words I felt loves tender kiss.Such powerful expression I am pleased it simply can not be denied…..I think that’s enough for today I shall save more of you for another time to savour…

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