Tingle in fingers,
Golden pond
The orange fish
Holding desire’s jar.

I am restless of wanting,
Underbelly, fire rises
Distractive pleasure.

In a moment,
Mind will race to bottom of the ladder,
To chop the roots,
Useless act, they grow again.

How many days are left
To satisfaction.
To rip the apple,
Drink the cider,
Laugh at children in mud, playing.
End the thirst.

Still, my thirst grows,
From constant drinking salt water,
Wanting, taps on my door.

Inside of the pond,
There is smart orange fish
One day she caught
A glimpse of satisfaction,
She fell in sleep
Returned to the stream.
Left the jar behind!

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto


  1. It’s quite hard to unravel the hidden message in that piece of creation. But that is why I had to read it 4 times. Each time I felt like reading it more.

    Nice one!

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