To Oriah

Wild woman
walks in a garden
see a rose,
her colourful petals,
hidden thorns
It is happening…

open cuts,
Nasty ache under her skin
when does it stop?

Wounds getting old,
Heal by time..
Marks left on her skin
A reminder of days
She fell down
and Stood up again..

Wild woman is brave
Holding her head up
Continuing the path
In grace
In Love.

More roses to meet,
More offering to give
Or take…

Thorns, open cuts
Are nothing
In compare
To what love creates
In her whole heart…

Wild woman
is a magical rose
with one thing missing

© Serena Devi, October 2010


  1. Dear Lisa.. .thank you for your kind comment about this poem on braveheart woman…I do believe… our inner landscapse carry many power animals… but first we have to recognise our nature and second let it flow ….many thanks for sharing and you too have a many lovely days! all the best Serena

  2. its a beautiful poem. i have shared it on facebook if thats ok. if not i will take it down.

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