Are you near
With me
Or am I alone…
A wanderer echo
In dance
In rocky mountains of yours
Out of time.

you won’t return
And I won’t return
To yesterday.
And I want tomorrow,

What’s left?
The echos
Sound of things
pronouncing their visible existence
Through my lips.
Gasping for air
to mould a breath
Call it You.

How much of me
is you?
You own the house
The little canary
Sings, only of her thirst
To drink from your palm.

I have arrived,
Not sure,
If I am late
Too soon.

Who of us know
The right time
To travel
Out of time.
You, my love.

Hold me tight
Than ever,
closer than my pulse
Hear my longing
Behind the fire of my heart…
I am breathless
without you.

My hidden prayers
For an original life
lived by you,
Lived by us,
Keep marching
Between my earth
And your paradise.

I am here,
Hold me tight
Lets gasp for air
out of time

© Serena Devi, October 2010


  1. Dearest Ram…. namaste to you, I honor the Spirit in you,…. I follow the string you gave … today, every day… conversation, prayers to God are part of my breath…. I practice deeper…your words are gems…. that I tresure them and folllow … the teaching….. I am so grateful… meeting here …. Ram… friend.. divine… Guru… all needs are met… From bottom of my heart… Deep graitude… Blessing and love to you…. to all

  2. divine and dear Serena Devi… are like a marathon runner…..practice happens in solitude…..but race happens in the world…..Lord Budha also returned to the world to test his own enlightenment…..

    please be neutral inside and natural outside…..not the neutral outside…..if outside …anger comes….let it be natural…so act
    according to the requirement of role….but remain neutral means you are not that role once you are alone….like a child

    this is wonderful that creativity and poetry happening effortlessly….it means grace of God…..

    now it is your test…..feel the body…temple of god and let creativity and poetry flow as prayers of creative enlightenment…..have faith, God is with you…..

    when I wakeup in the morning ….first thing one minute prayer then touch the bed….thanks to it thanks to every thing ….go to mirror and tell ten times that I am the most happiest person on earth nothing more or less than anybody…do that see the change….

    God = childhood friend appeared in 1984….in 2010 by chance
    start this blog…God grace….my journey also same as you but
    always faith in god saved….and for 26 years sheer happiness…..although lot of exams happens in outer world….

    have you read the God = childhood friend…if not read…

    this work appeared when I was knowing nothing about God…so knowing is ordinary…living God is extraordinary…

    and you are extraordinary my divine friend Serena Devi….

    love all..

  3. Dear friend, for a long time I was trying to exam and observe what really takes place on daily basis.
    one part (soul) breath in space and awareness is like air all around the moment and then other part( body) play the role…
    When I am solo or in nature… there is a balance within and with out, oneness and wholeness.
    But in interactions, close relationships, or times I have to decide, I have difficulty to stay neutral and let the role just be played…
    Over the last 12cmonths, I feel I am just trying to find a way to return to earth in body and live, but seems desires or even the neccessaty of making a living are deactivated… I am in constant space feeling God, being aware and in peace, happy in this solitute (out of time) …. I understand my call and purpose(creativity, poetry,..) and it flows effortlessly, but it seems stability that human living requires is not happening, … any insight on this my friend is welcomed….Many blessing

  4. divine Serena Devi……you are timeless and out of time only…..but to mirror the cosmic intelligence… a time in body….body is your guru…and the parents are the first God….

    the illusion that you are body and mind has to be understood..
    you are a driver soul….beyond time and body is car…in time…but valuable one….

    writing your post I have to gear the car but driver is in a neutral
    gear. ….witness the journey of timelessness in time…just a divine drama…..if you think it real….you are in time so sorrow and joy…..if you think unreal then also in time….so sorrow and joy again…..that is called Maya….neither real nor unreal….

    be neutral inside and act natural to the acts of this life….that is freedom and in time at the same….out of time…

    love all…

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