Formless hold the form.

The emptiness hidden
In a clay cup
Holds the space.

When cup breaks
Action takes place
Empty space
To hold a new cup.

Wind blows
Move the clouds
Action takes place
Empty space
Hold the air.

The unknown holds
the known.
The darkness holds
the light.

The absolute holds all.

© Serena Devi, October 2010


  1. Divine.. Ram…
    Two poems of Sri Chinmoy… to my dear and wise friend:

    Aspiration Tells Me

    Aspiration tells me
    That my God is

    Realisation tells me
    That my God is

    God-oneness tells me
    That my God is

    And other one ….

    A gratitude-heart
    Is to discover on earth
    A Heaven-delivered rose.

    In gratitude …. love all

  2. divine…..torch of happiness will guide for ever…..happiness means connected with God….never criticize anybody….if do
    not like sit with your hands together….it will not bring anger…
    if can leave the place…do that…

    a enlightened swan only accepts pearls of wisdom….and you are one…

    love all..

  3. Divine Ram… today was blissful… full of blessing… tomorrow will remain in today…. Divine… thank you for blessing me with so many wise and kind friends… love all

  4. divine Serena Devi …… the absolute holds all…..

    one of the finest expression on absolute….one refers as they like but many as God , Allah , Om ,……..

    Grace of God ….showering on you….

    remain that way….

    love all…


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