This month, was a month full of discovery… letting go and trusting my intuition… I am returning to east, where I grew up and later on… ran away from. I feel a new wind on my back… I walk effortlessly now… I wrote this poem few years ago… Today I am reborn…

The water girls
coming to surface,
One by one.
Open hands,
Welcoming smile.
Walking on a water
Aiming for the sky.

No land appears,
distance horizons
Full of empty.

Where are the shores,
How far they have to go,
Where is the way back home?

They are destined
To live the unknown,
To grab every wave,
As their last breath.

Wind blows,
Waves splash on
Their smiley faces.
They hold hands,
embrace the fragile

Step by step,
Walking on deep dark water
Gazing into the sky…

where are the shores?
The are tired,
On holding on each others
Water girls,
Facing the unknown
Knowing it is the only way back home.

Somewhere far,
There is a land, waiting for them.

Somewhere far, they can rest their feet
Somewhere far, there is an end,
There is a beginning.

Water girls,
Aiming for the sky,
Gracefully, walking on a water,
Singing divine’s melody,
Dancing on each wave,
Living their destiny.

The end or a beginning
all are the same,
trust and live the unknown,
That is the only way back home.

© Serena Devi, October 2010


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