Ending October with gratitude and a pray for eternal love to all….

May affection of your heart be your life time companion,
Full you with passion, patience and gratitude.

May what is inside, longs and cries for air
Gives birth to creative inner child of yours.

May you come to realize,
The clay is a house guest of your soul.
And with gift of time available here,
You discover the invisible path to immortality,
To Eternal Love.

May you choose to step in
And be a warrior of the Light,
Equipped with freedom and courage,
Walk through deadly thorns of shadow and doubt.

And know the Sun and morning star,
Shine upon your journey on earth,
to unknown,
At all times.

© Serena Devi, 2010


  1. Dear Jingle,

    you have been always kind and inspiring… It is not a good time for me, I am in a flow, on a road, place to place, and till I arrive to land that I could create a base, I am a residence of timeless. please keep the invitation open and hopefully in a few months time, I committ to Poet rally and participate actively…. Thank you again. Much blessing Serena

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