Pondering starts
in vastness of space,
to its coming shape.
Follows its nature.

I am a stone,
I am a wave,
I am a flying bird.

I vibrate,
And connect,
What words are helpless
to create
Between two hearts,
I breathe and manifest.

I am an unfinished road
to endless silent steps.

I am the most difficult
Question of mankind,
I come,
everything glows,
I touch,
life begins.
I blossom and
the world dance,

My smile is a fire,
and my embrace
The patient kindness.

I am the unknown,
unshaped energy
wanted by all,
feared by many,
I come silently
But my vibration,
shake, destroy, create
and change it all.
I am love.

© Serena Devi, June 2011


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