Heart gets heavy,
Before you come,
I must change again,
Before dawn.

I hear your footsteps,
Heart trembles,
And body becomes weightless.
Something races in my blood,
And my womb expands
In a new air.
Alert, quiet, passionate,
in love
To meet your stream,
to hold gently
the sacred union
of your feminine
and my masculine,
my ferile womb and
your firey seed.

The opposition
in celestial sphere
of our silent lovemaking
in oneness.

I will say no more,
And see the rest,
In my soundless touch,
In the cool fountain
behind my eyes,
And cover your skin,
With red petals of my lips.

No more words
Between us,
When your lips touch mine
I awake new,
Beside my beloved.

© Serena Devi, July 2011

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