Whoever you are, step into my heart,
I wash your feet in tears and joy
whoever you are, enter to my heart
I share my bread and chalice of love
I lift up the veil from my face
I offer my trust,
I show my pain, my sorrows
and yet behind all,
you always see my smile.

Everything passes,
this moment
between us
between our feelings;
is sacred,
we share
love, hope, hate, loneliness, desperation
sadness, joy, gratefulness, happiness
all we have is just this moment of truth
soul meeting soul.

Whoever you are,
enter to my heart
I love you as myself
I share with you
my moment as it comes,
except honoring the reflection
ask for nothing
in fullness of acceptance
we cleanse our souls,
in holy water of our tears
we wash and clear our eyes from dust,
we pass the knowledge of our hearts
through gazing of our eyes.

My friend, whoever you are
are you ready
to meet your own soul
in mine?

~ Serena Devi, August 2012 ~


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