Eternal love. Copy right Serena Devi

Hello dear wordpress friends, what a great day to share a great news.. my first book ETERNAL LOVE is  published now on LULU, It will be distributed on Amazon USA nd UK in a few weeks TO PURCHASE your first copy please click here:

Writing and publishing my poetry has been a true passion in my life and without love and encouragement of my cyber friends it would’t be possible.. thank you for listening to my heart, grateful to all of your sharings, reflections and walking beside me in my adventurous journey to love and meeting the Beloved.

I am so grateful.

© Serena Devi


  1. Many thanks Chris, so lovely to see you here.. hope all is well. I am writing my second poetry book and plan to write a book on my personal journey.. busy and fulfilling year ahead 🙂 always grateful to our sharing… be well

  2. Well I haven’t been by for a while and come to find this most wonderful bit of newsd..How fantastic for you friend Serena,my heart shares your joy…

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