A short note to all my amazing friends, light tribe,
Tomorrow I leave Canada after 10 months intense gate keeping, frequency work and movement across Pacific Ocean. It was a lot of shedding, let go, surrendering and stillness to make every step possible and truthful.
I came across many new connections, friendships that cracked my heart open, brought tears and ache in my human eyes and bones. I sat alone in streets of LA, witnessing death of my Ego and illusion of mind so intimately that made me to even be more awake in moments, cause that will be always our paths to freedom, moment by moment, pure consciousness.
I received so much at all levels, I found asking and receiving unconditional difficult and nerve wracking, needed to dig deeper into buried believes and conditions, become more humbled, grateful, face my low self and offer more love to myself, to be able accept others as who they are and what each reflection, sharing, support from heart of one, creates, attracts and also teaches.
I am so so grateful. I am also tired at my human level to pack this suitcase and with limited fund go across the world, to Indonesia where I never have been. Feel very uncomfortable and out of all knowing zones, just pure energy moving my body(vessel) to this new location with no idea of what/how/why. And all I Am is to be fully present, breath and walk. Stay still and listen. Pause and allow.
And delve deeper into beauty of love which comes and touches my existence in so many magical ways
I will write after arrival and when I settled a bit. This might be my soul calling and mission to live and walk bare, vulnerable and powerful at the same time, nevertheless, it is for the good of all and we all have been going far beyond all knowing and expectation to live as an agent of Light and embodiment of Divine Mother/Father.
I feel all faces of my personality have been played and left the stage, what is here which most of the time can not even use words, is just pure love and devotion to the creator of all, truly wishing to bring humanity closer to sameness, simplicity, heart togetherness and unity. May my every breath be the breath of One.

I love you individually, collectively and so passionately.
Serena 🌹🙏❤

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