Last Friday I arrived Bali and almost everything went the other way!than my way.

Plane landed at 12.30am and it took almost an hour to go through our visa. I got out and the driver I arranged prior wasn’t there. After half an hour hanging around, booked another one and head to Ubud. When we got to the guest house(bnb), all lights were off, after some email exchanged emphasis I am arriving early morning and they also confirmed they send a driver, I was no longer surprised and if it was another choice at that moment, I would make. After 24 hrs travel and a taxi driver who could not care less what happens to his passenger, happy to drop me off in a middle dark streets of a new town without a contact, I asked him to drop me off at 24hr little store.

Make the story short, i finally got to them and after I returned to their place, managed to have two hours sleep and decided to seek a new accommodation which beautifully manifested

I found life always move us from chaos to order and back to chaos and all this serves a greater plan and mystery.


t is strange landing in Bali at the time of Spirit festival 24 March-1 April. Perhaps I would have gone for a day experience if I had a sufficient $!

Now, I only celebrate on my own.

My spirit is dancing, mind is free and I knew I was guided to Bali to reconnect with my body!
To have a very authentic, loving, nurturing self festival with my body.

To wake up with sound of birds, morning awaking of Ubud with noise of scooters, lay on bed, melt in my heart and feel love, in and out, enjoy the balcony and morning coffee, all in full simplicity, appreciation and joy, feeling everyone is my loved one, gazing into unknown day, gently and softly embrace my body which was kind of forgotten the last 11 years, through ascension, soul purification and crystalline of heart, now I honor her sweat in heat of a day and ecstatic pleasure of a cold lemon drink in afternoon.
I am totally giving my most intimate presence to myself over the period that divine will hold me in sacred land of BALI and truthfully meet myself as an embodiment of a divinity

Welcoming ritual on landing in highest timeline and frequency in Heaven, our eternal home, now on our Beloved Earth. 🙏

Witness life, be pure awareness and breathe as One.
Eat,Pray, Love!

The amount of gratitude in my heart is indescribable. 🙏
At the same time, I feel so free of all outer happenings, this vast presence within takes my breath away, I just can gaze within and breath and know the perfection of life/flow/energy.

I have a long list of my personality choices, but my soul only wish to stay witness, empty, feel the presence and then no one is here, here becomes the space for Breath of One.
Light is our Essence and magic of unity brings forth miracles into physical in no time.

Since last Friday the flow of life effortlessly unfolding my path into more of who I am. Some codes immediately began
activation after landing, showing the energy map of the Island, the places I need to visit and also some travel to East Java.
I was also felt my stay in Bali is longer than a month which my visa permits. I never know how details work out, but divine will has a way to attract right people and situations into my path and I am so grateful for that.
The vision I have received and also feel right is to plan for 3 months stay. I was gifted with a funding from a dear brother that make it possible to make the initial inquiries, rent/share flat, visa, travel,…
And also take the opportunity to be more attentive to physical vessel, assist her upgrade, choose everything through flow of awareness. And I truly committed to this.
I also am guided again to travel to some local and not so local Gaia Gates/Vortex points which only by intuition I am led to.
I dedicated my life to service of Love and truth walking. Living in one suitcase for over two years and walking over thousands miles between countries, has coming to its conclusion and even Bali/Indonesia might not be my permanent residence, it feels I am heading to have a home on Earth after 11 years of nothing having personal space!

My role as Gatekeeper and also truth walker is about to transform to something else which I only have a glimpse of it and require more silence and allowing. However, we are all in this together. Some might already merged in their tribe groups and move in front and some might even disappear from social media and daily connections and sharing to do their service as guided by Divine Self. All is perfection, all Love.
I might still pop in sometime on fb and share whatever moment inspires me, but I have a strong feeling, it will be less and less until it stops. Just trusting inner flow.
I will continue writing on my blogs and also after I manifested a serene place here that I can call home, can share of blueprint of New earth, as to fully integrate the vision into manageable and practical steps, we require higher perspective of Divine OneSoul/awakened HUman/Unity and I noticed that some of us are pulled back from our galactic role on that, so others will be ready when a higher waves of Plasma and codes come in Summer 2019, we can grow faster and more anchored into NewEarth Manifestation phase.

Receiving Love donations from One heart/Unity/consciouesness has been the only source of support for my life, space to rest and food to eat. I thank each and everyone of my light family members/as we all aspects of One, in answering their own heart and calling, by connecting to purity and recognition of One, in this humble truth walker and choosing to see the Christ’s love, devotion and passion (consciousness) in my every vulnerable human steps. Thank you.

I love you, I love myself. I see One in all, and All in One.

If you are inspired and my heart offerings have been a positive contribution in your grow and inner peace, your support is welcomed and appreciated.




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