Update/ New Waves & Heart Pilgrimage

The last few days energy waves have been strong plus the heat and humidity here is challenging for my body. Bali is magical, no doubt about that, at the same time it wasn’t what I imagined. It is cleansing and bringing up anything left as my human. Like my childish fear of lizards, or mouse. My Friends always called me brave and courageous to become a walker, the fact is, there was and still is no choice, cause love and heart constantly wants to remove all veils and layers to feel more of the beloved/pure consciousness, freedom inside.
I am about to enter a new complete different cycle which I sense its deep connection withNewearth unity Blueprint, also part of sacred inner marriage coming to form between feminine and masculine energy, however to take this step, I am deeply pulled by mind to control it, like so much discomfort is surfacing from not sleeping, headaches, vulnerability and beyond this physical resistance, this ultimate joy is pulsing, like I Am finally home and strangely the physical does not show any manifested parts yet, my heart knows, this is not just a way or another step, this is a brand new StarGate and I have to even become more surrender, honor all, and offer my entire breath for this to come into manifestation and allow pure energy/Chi works through my body with others whom my current as well as our soul contracts bring us together to serve Gaia and humanity.
This is no longer can be controlled by any means,Divine Will keeps landing deeper and heart wants to be fully embraced by Mighty Presence.
We are taking a collective steps to a new Energetic dimension beyond 5 and so on, this is the Era of Master Manifestors and we really have no choice except accept all discomforts! For Peace, Silence,Oneness and love and more love.


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