My journey from Wells Somerset directed me to 5 days stay beside Pyramids of Giza for first time. In my old garment I would look like a tourist with a camera in hand exploring the borders of a new land. But in my heart of One, a map is lightening upon my every human steps and all comes from within. So after a rest in a nice room i woke up with some noise and when I inquire seemed some maintenance is going on, so I got a free upgrade into a larger room facing Pyramids. When we do not plan and let our own frequency of peace and harmony attracts the matching reality, life becomes full of nice surprises.

I did book a guide as it felt easier to visit the locations I was pooled to go and be. the first day ,we spent half a day between Three Pyramids as well as small burial tombs of pharaohs’s wives. I opened a portals between two Pyramids and sat patently with light and soil, listen to stars music. What i am sharing here came through as data.

“At Galactic, newearth system which was seeded energetically era ago is coming into form and reality. The Divine Creator’s breath is a geometric sound vibration that sets many spiral light waves within Boundless Ocean Consciousness into activation and in flow. In our current Holographic Evolution, we have entered a phase which unification and localization is the theme of the movement. Within Galaxy(s), love vibration has reached to a level that worlds in speed of Light begin merging and manifesting in full power, this is not just limited to Earth, in years to come, we receive more data on how our revolutionary evolution has an impact on Milky way and our connections with other planets, star systems and how in close future we can transport our consciousness between higher dimensional realities, bring advance knowledge in form of science, magic, manifestation into our physical reality. We crossed that Bridge this Lions Gate, we have entered into Chamber of Abundance and Secret Knowledge of Vibrational Creation Sound and waves. Now we can access higher intelligence, intent, attract and bring into form anything align with pure Crystalline Golden Heart rhythms and as long as we understand our role with the rest of Galactical Existence ( Sharing the road ),we continue peacefully our Human Light body Upgrade into Eternal Galactic Body and work as Intentional Creator, in Service of The Creator, One.

At the collective level: Our frequency shall lead us to who ever we need to join and collaborate in whatever divine framework that either already shaped and implanted or need a bit of time, working at different levels l, like Assigned Earth Crew coming in one location or assigned Galactic council pair up as ( Divine feminine and Divine Masculine) to form Divine Organisation.
We need to understand this Happening and ascension is part of a bigger Happening within Orgasmic body of God and our perceptions will continue to shift, come back, recycle, clear and purified until we walk in this human body, the process will continue according to our Roles, Designs and DNA codes, we rise to our highest potential and learn how to ride the waves of creation.

I spent the other few days travelling to Heliopolis, Memphis, Sakkara Pyramids. I had a very nice and knowledgeable guide, we also visit historical part of city. I asked him to show me the burial site of Last Shah of Iran in Al-Rifa’i Mosque, Cairo, Egypt. I had a brief moments of grief over what was a major reshape in Iran while I was growing up. Iran revolution and regime transformation which ended by end of Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran had a deep effect at all levels on my generation. In that moment, I felt entire collective DNA of Iranian nation released through my tears and deep forgiveness for all the blood shed then and through the last 42 years on Iran and entire Middle East land. I also visited St Sergius and St Bacchus Church, hanging church and Ets Hayim Synagogue. Every step into past, squeezed my heart, I needed to stop, sit and have a long deep meditation to clear all suppressed, low frequency of energy trapped in the structure of the building, location and time. It was a very tiring process, I basically felt every human emotion, anger, love, despair, pain, my eyes were full of water, ache in my heart lasts for few days, after my departure form Egypt.

When I was in Egypt, I received 7 Symbols and geometric keys from my star, Sirius. Through the visit I made to Pyramids and other sites, I truly felt the activation in my body and many memories past, future and other worlds all came into I Am, so much to process and really no words for it. It is all coming to our Actions and purity of Light.
When earths garment is loss, and heart open and innocent, then music begins and love of the source is such a strong bond that body flows effortless into service, as original design (Higher self) will lead.

Thank you for being part of my reality, I do wish I could be able to share more of this beauty and sacredness that my heart witness and experience by surrendering and acceptance of all, I could never imagine the life I Am, there is no center, no gravity, no attachment, only friendliness with all, gratitude, joy of present, ache of grow, ecstasy of union stage by stage, humbleness and appreciation of all people, soul family, events and all so far has touched my being.
I am so grateful, in love and ready to begin the new phase of our beloved New Earth to walk hand in hand, heart beside heart into the rainbow, and Be an agent of love and light

I love you. 

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