These days, the experience is so new, profound.
It is different than anything so far we individually and collectively, low or high of vibrational spectrum, any type of love, known as emotion, state or dream have been experience through humanity/ Awaken Avatars.

The heart feels this love,
this force beyond physical,
like the chest is cracked open with joy and ache of flowering,
Becoming one with Sun, soil, water
Becoming one, in totality of body, mind, soul, essence.

Ah, this love
This happening,
Is breath of the Beloved,
Touching everything,
Embracing the emptiness
Within Self.

This love with no name, border, direction, objection which is rising from your heart and yet no centre appears,
Is the rise of Aquarius Era,
Where unity is the air
And everyone a lover,
Every heart is a place of worship
An awaken starseed!

This love is liberation of all livings on this planet named Earth.

Walk gently,
ache joyfully,
breathe tenderly,
Meet yourself, the beloved
in All.

Words by Serena


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