come and be with me,
let love be our only song,
my heart is yours
my soul is yours,
life is more beautiful with you
beside me,
inside me.

I came to life
when your love
entered as a seed
and grow to a mesmerizing garden;
it broke my heart
piece by piece,
and yet I was illuminated
in a middle of the dark night.

Come my beloved,
free from body, emotions,
stories of
past or future.

In my heart, in your heart
the created one soul
and destiny unfolds
between our hearts,
in dreams of joy, happiness and
divine love.

Slow, silent,
eternal moving us
to one land,
to union,
to our home,
here, on the earth
and every other dimension,
that love travels.

My pray for now is
that the hunger
inside each human heart
be satisfied in union,
in wholeness,
in joy.

My pray for now is
to live my dream
and love everything and everyone

In sameness of Now.

My pray is in my creation,
in poetry, art of present.

In every step
i take toward more love and gratitude.

My pray is in my share of pain and sorrow
in love and in awakening,
healing and transforming
the passion, the endless yearning
that reside in me
bloom in twilight of divine on earth,
full of colors, full of compassion,
full of faith
into the work of art,
beauty and more love
to serve for the good of all,
to serve divine, with each breath.

Come, my beloved One,
hear my heart beats,
feel my warm tears,
to the silence behind my words,
my love for you
is forever.

Our paths merging in One,
my hands are open,
and ah my heart
ache from love,
let rest in bed of roses,
let sky covers our souls
with wind’s touch.
come and make love with love.

~ Serena Devi ~

July 2012

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