Returning to the source is the book with many chapters, titles and even some white pages, always open for magic, surprises and acceleration of joy of Union.

In the chapter of ascension, mind is still  and heart knows the way. Nevertheless, there is a deep tiredness from a long journey from the stars to Earth, to forget who we are and  then fall into full activation. “Remembrance” is a heavenly sunflower bowing to the sun, the source of all.

Our Human program  has come  to an end, freedom of past and future, although our  bodies might still have a name and citizenships, but our hearts are washed by river of contentment and surrendering.  Gratefulness is the fruit of our exhausting labours on fields of self- realization and awakening.

we stay in now, as an observant, the flow of New Earth Frequencies will take us close enough to see the bridges between various dimensional realities. While all is here, Heaven on Earth is here.

We can feel the smell of roses, hear  the tolls inviting pilgrimage walkers to an open space, to freedom… but it is only love’s courage and passion which could stabilize our energy band to cross the bridge between time and timeless and stand on the NEW EARTH.

New Earth is a world on Physical plane created and originated By PURE MONAD HARMONIC SOUND, repeatedly renewing and emerging within unlimited geometry mind of THE CREATOR.

The Crystalline Hearts of AWAKEN Humans are ACTIVATED TRANSMUTER in GEOMETRIC DESIGN that can carry the formless OCTAVES of this SOUND, within HIGHER FREGUENCY and waves of Vibration which divinely structured and AS WHAT IS distributes through Cosmic Axis, in purpose of(  assistance and collaboration ) evolution of Universe and naturally the Earth and all livings on the planet.

Since 2018 In our Holographic model of Universe  a Huge Quantum Jump is taking place which in our daily basis might appear as Higher Energy Waves from the Sun, and 12 DNA Activation at our Organismic state ( Human Body) which contains of Cellular and atomic subsystem. The organization principles of the Universe always follow From Above to Below, From Design to sub- design. OUR Collective Experience as Ascension is the spectrum of this Happening. This is a continues TRANSFORMATIVE  WAVE which harmonically but intensely moving US as ONE Orgasmic PART into a NEW Space/Time Reality, which for lifetimes and years are named and Understood as HEAVEN/ AND HIGHTER DIMENSIONS.

Truthfully, we do not know the reason behind this jump and Collective Ascension and as much as our human mind always wish to understand/label/ categories and conclude a happening, this HAPPENING is not Originated in form to ever be understood by form. Therefore what we call SURRENDERING to WHAT IT IS, is our new framework which never experienced and used as a Collective Principles to INFLUNCE LIFE through PURE AWARENESS and GRACE. This is the POWER and Magic of Being in Present, fully aware of borderless Breath.

This is OUR NEW DESTINATION, Collectively as a UNIVERSE, Galaxy and solar system, Humans and all livings on the planet Earth.

January 2021, we entered into a new holographic reality and since through solar waves, Heart transmutation, DNA upgrade and release of lower frequency and realm, we tune to a new range of WAVES that so far never been felt, experienced by HUMAN Bodies, it is intense, new , different and soul liberating. As our galaxy rising to a higher internal intelligence and can demonstrate more power and LIGHT WAVES, so are we.  From the Golden Heart of ATMAN/ONE, A new Dream is born. And not just on Earth, across Galaxies and Realm, the mind of God, the primary MIND is shifting gears and entire form and formless are effected.

The NEW Template is already in place and active at some Higher AWARE Life Systems in different Galaxies. 

The Earth due to its planetary nature and Human holographic design has given a higher possibility to be more than a mirror of God. The rise of civilization, as NEW EARTH HARMONICA Divine Project, to entirely reform our social systems, create a divine organization base of Order of LIGHT, LOVE, Purity.

 The original Waves of MONAD GOD Frequency, within polarity of UNIVERSE  reshaping newness in TIME & SPACE. Which it effects could manifest and create different things, timelines, Civilization  to ensure the coherence of the living Universe. There are two major phases since 2018 which is coming to completion.

One is completion of FORERUNNERS process, ( 144 Sparks of Light, originated from Crystalline Heart of One), FULL ASCENCION and DISSOVEMENT in MIND of ONE.

They have arrived to the  Neutralized State of Divine Mind, Aligned and One as Divine Will (  VIBRATION), for receive the full access Key to MANIFEST &  centralizing the Divine Organization within 12 Structured TEMPLATE councils across Gaia, the BEGINNING of HOLOGRAPHIC UNIFIED SOUND of ONE ( Harmonica).

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