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The Braves


In Deep Green Forests ( Poetry ) Ascended love

From poetry book ~Eternal Love ~By Serena Devi  Available on Amazon ans Majoy bookstores  ~ In deep green forests ~ Among the hills and valleys in deepest green forests my small world grows. One day lilies, the next wild poppies bloom. Don’t ask me what season I come with or what kind of air I bring. Breathe with me and meet me with open eyes, in the deepest green forests listen, to what echoes in my unsaid words. Move into my shadow throw away your map and mala, who cares how many times you went to church, or kissed the cold solid ground. For where you want to come, you need to grow unbreakable wings. Before the secret reveals her face; you need a vision of the shields you have left behind, and a dream of dancing flowers under the purple tent of rain. ….
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