The Rebirth of Earth Civilization –  light Cities, Light Houses Chapter two

As our collective perception on the Creator/ God /Universe has been evolved and expanded from outer source  reality to inner force reality,  all layers of separation, duality and polarity have been dissolving in light of One.

Our experiences from a 5 sensory humans also have entered a high speed integration of light within physical to assist this transformation which many called it  “Divine embodiment”. The Aquarius era   feels like the beginning of a new adventure into mystery of creation, collaboration in universal boundless  ocean of consciousness.

How could we perceive and understand divine will design for this time and space, in this galactical phenomenon happening in our universe which includes the evolution in human mind/heart system? to allow this divinely orchestrated upgrade in life system on earth and beyond.

The geometry Blueprint of life system as many introduced it as flower of life and some other designs reflects how light, pure consciousness  works in physical reality as it follows Divine Organization geometric design, the fabric of existence and non-existence, born and unborn.

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