The Rebirth of Earth Civilization – Creation Codes/ Seraphim Joy Work – Chapter three

Part one

life is constantly seeking to connect with itself—to know itself and grow itself to higher levels of self-recognition. This is the natural flow of human evolution in physical form, as a replica Design  as blueprint of Cosmos, as whole directly of life.

 We collectively have entered this transition to collaborate and re- create our human civilization into a crystalline Civilization. Which follows the coded templates in placed in consciousness, as consciousness and through this inner and outer ebbs and tides of energy and frequencies, we as humanity participate as awaken avatars. As discussed before, the evolution in form follows the unseen blueprint of New Earth design and since 2012, our willingness as species to embrace this new stage of self- realisation which was once enlightenment and now as more beings come to awake stage of self – realization, the program named Collective Ascension.

Seraphim Joy Foundation is a live stream platform as part of Divine Organization, to observe, explore the form/formless connectivity within New Earth Blueprint Frequency templates which gradually  shaping our work as part of Unity Matrix to harmonize, magnetize and anchor Law of One, be a divine operational system to support light tribes and communities while the entire planet is shifting to complete alignment with Cosmos elevation and transformation.

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