Serena Devi is a Mystic, Visionary, Poet and Artist, A Consciousness Avatar.   Her being is an open invite to walk through fire and ice, uncertainty and faith, based on soul dedication to explore Truth and intimacy of heart, beyond veils of polarity, bare living in present and surrender to what it is, to be one with life.


Serena was born in 1965 in Manchester/England and raised in conventional Persian family in Tehran/Iran. Her first encounter with Divine Love took place in early childhood and the experience was intense and stayed unrecognized until later years. Growing up in a traditional family in addition to the major transformation in Iran society after 1979 Revolution and social reform in Iran, led her to a less traveled road, as a seeker of truth, she became a hermit from a very young age, to explore inner landscapes of her soul in her passion and love for poetry, sky & stars and mystery of Human heart.

Later years after her graduation from Art University, she left Iran and returned to her birth land. The longing and yearning for intimacy with divine moved her to spiritual schools and practices, she was still too conditioned by society, and mind way of existence moved her to practical approach and choices, she became a Life Coach and Timeline Therapist practitioner, built a practice in hope to bring the two worlds of inner and outer realities in harmony, that was the final play of mind and she fell into deep whirlpools of emotional conflicts, depression and suicide attempts.

In 2008, she finally surrendered to Life and let go of all  belongings. Loss of her earthy possessions, human relations were beyond her mind and logical understanding. She left the normal/mental world and completely entered into mystical world of heart and divine calling.

All mystical and spiritual journeys begin with one desire; intimacy with the source of all. In this homecoming of true essence, truth cuts through like an arrow, into the magic and mystery of the human’s heart. To know what truth is, we have no other choice but to accept this vulnerable skin, it’s fragility and feelings of fears, doubt and inferiority in front of the power of creation. This is the opening to meet the depth of suffering and pain, the glory and beauty of life, to bleed and shed until nothing is left but an Illuminated Heart.

This website is a collection of spontaneous moments, her heart pilgrimage daily experiences into surrendering to life, prayers of a faceless lover, a mystic on unknowable path of Union with the Creator of All.

It is her true intention to live awake, and travel with care and tenderness on planet Earth, weave love and beauty as she flows with unknowable life. May her heart pilgrimage be an inspiration, a love poem under shade of a tree, a burning candle, to lighten others on their path in following the way of heart into the magic of divinity and beauty of true self.

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