Sacred Voice of Heart

Writing is a way to meet inner witness, the gentle sublime whisper of soul. An intimate way to meet the greater version of ourselves. Writing stories, poetry build a platform of trust, to mirror and meet our most intimate feelings, desires and allow space for the story to be heard and released. It is a force of imagination, burst out from unity of heart and mind into a soothing song, or a yearning of a burnt heart, whatever form it manifests, it brings us closer to our true self.  Words are sacred fluid bricks building and restructuring a design within our human  mind, They are soft, changeable, yet carry  the deepest secret and truth of our existence.

Eternal Love moves us through Serena Devi’s spiritual experience of growing into the reflection of the divine source of love within her to find connection and completion.  How many ways can a writer express her desire, passion and commitment to another? Those many ways offer us poetic, romantic, and deeply passionate lines written from the heart and soul of one who seems to express love itself.  Enjoy this journey with her, as you use this breathtaking expression to reflect on your own journey of love.  Her journey comes full circle to reengage the divine within her, the Source of all Love. ~ Daniel Raphael. Ph.D

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The Chasms of everything

My love, watch my lips moving on wounds of offering on the ground of your love as my heart ripen in wine and my soul burnt in fire of passion, They say, I long for eternal, They say, I overcome myself; I say no more, see my fire, touch my stone, see my sky and…

Forever You from Eternal Love book

​All comes repeating again, Yearning to be held, My old scattered dust on your new golden bridge. Over flow of my feelings, In storms, thunders And the next day silent dawn. The roads are never empty Into them, I met the bitterness, the hurts, The letting goes, I met “the end.” To find and learn…

A White butterfly

I had an encounter with a white butterfly, Fell under spell of her white wings, I thought the entire day was passed. When I look at the time, it was my whole life. Now when I see my reflection in water, My white wings shine and make music with wanderer air. 14.07.2018 Serena

In deepest green forests

Among the hills and valleys in deepest green forests my small world grows. One day lilies, the next wild poppies bloom. Don’t ask me what season I come with or what kind of air I bring. Breathe with me and meet me with open eyes, in deepest green forests listen, to what echoes  in my unsaid words.…

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