Daily poetry/ Satsang podcast

This has become a daily passionate prayer, moments with self, in Self. sitting in the heart and allow the voice whisper words into life. please join and follow the podcast if you enjoy silence, music, poetry, God and beauty of one. New Episodes on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/660L8pHrw9h3qz6xiEIjYO?si=642b5b5e88d845bf https://open.spotify.com/episode/1pU4nK6jyfEpB2VCTRjjO8?si=625a0bbfabc3493b Anchor Station https://anchor.fm/seraphimjoy

Poetry Podcast

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2FyRagzG4nNV9ciTXjy3f0?si=7ff01ca819e04074 My love, watch my lips movingon wounds of offeringon the ground of your loveas my heart ripen in wineand my soul burnt in fire of passion,They say, I long for eternal,They say, I overcome myself;I say no more,see my fire, touch my stone,see my sky and feelthe beating of my millions stars,my soul falling…

New Earth Completion of Vibrational Bands 2021

Returning to the source is the book with many chapters, titles and even some white pages, always open for magic, surprises and acceleration of joy of Union. In the chapter of ascension, mind is still  and heart knows the way. Nevertheless, there is a deep tiredness from a long journey from the stars to Earth,…

Podcast E2- The Braves poetry

Second Episode on Ascended Love, A podcast for Truth seekers and lovers. Please follow on Spotify, Anchor, Google, Itune... https://open.spotify.com/episode/0nscRDrgQqVWgMIODXGW3Z?si=BSlYTzcpTz2nufAlWNV7nQ The Braves PODCAST FULL EPISODES https://anchor.fm/seraphimjoy/episodes/The-Braves--Poetry-e11dtus

New Podcasts

For sometime heart wishes to give wings to words. So today a podcast was born. ASCENDED LOVE! Not sure how it unfolds, perhaps poems, stasang, newearth updates and consciousness. You are welcomed to listen follow, seems available of itune, spotify. https://open.spotify.com/episode/2TfvweLKXVpxiYIuoYMVtY?si=6zVyd8pQSluDEvS10i2Z6g&utm_source=copy-link With love Serena